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Nov 02, 2018

I met a young man today named Damian. He is in High School now and has aspirations of college and a career in music or Criminal Justice (if I recall). We talked about joining the military as well as other options that he has. He has a lot to think about and to prepare for so we talked about many things including public speaking. I felt prompted to tell him what I will tell you now:

You have full control of your choices. Whatever you venture into, know that you are ultimately in control of what you commit to. In the world of public speaking, we find that the only good or great public speakers have mastered maintaining their power (or control) and don’t immediately give all the power to their audience. If you go into a public speaking presentation thinking the audience, the audience, the audience, then all of your nervousness will reflect in your performance which can come across as incompetence. 

So, just like I told Damian about being in control of speaking to an audience, I feel I must tell you about the control you have with a real estate agent. I don’t know if any other agents will tell you this, but I will. 

When you start talking with a Real Estate Professional don’t be intimidated for lack of knowledge of the real estate business. Go into discussions with a Real Estate Professional knowing that only you control what you commit to and that you have the power (or control) to ask for more, say I’m not interested, just walk away or whatever you feel is right. 

Whatever you do, be honest with yourself and clear as to your intentions with the Real Estate Professional. That Real Estate Professional should do the same. 

Wade Carter – Securing Your Real Estate Vision

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