Paralyzing Fear in Real Estate

Oct 25, 2018

I heard a story from a real estate sales professional yesterday that truly shows the power of fear when it comes to public speaking. 

This story is from the old days before the internet when Multiple Listing Service (MLS) booklets only came out once a month.

In order to have a new listing known by more than just the listing agent that agent had to personally brief the other brokers and agents about their newest listing at a weekly meeting that was specifically to reveal those new listings. So of course “all” the agents and brokers would attend this meeting to get the news of all the new listings that weren’t in the MLS booklet yet. 

This particular agent (the one telling the story) got her first listing and went to that meeting excited. Once she arrived she became so nervous that she waited until all the other agents had presented their new listings. She waited until someone asked if there were any more presentations. Then, she reluctantly went forward to the front of the room and presented her listing to all the other brokers and agents. 

The paralyzing fear of that experience had a major effect on what she did for her second listing. Of course, she went to that weekly meeting with her new listing ready to be delivered to the room full of brokers and agents. She again waited until all others had done their presentations. This time when they asked if there were any more presentations she shrank back and stayed quiet. She let the opportunity pass by.

She forsook her clients hopes of selling their house as soon as possible and their listing didn’t go public for another 3 weeks. 

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