Selling Your Home by Owner or by Agent

Jun 15, 2018

While it may the right thing to do and the right time to it; selling your home can be one of the most stressful events in life. There are so many added stressors when you are about to move. Then add the responsibility of making decisions about your current home.  

The decision: To sell by Owner or by Agent

– How much knowledge of real estate law and marketing do you have?  

– Do you know how to market your home’s appeal to the right type of buyer? 

– Do you have a solid understanding of real estate contracts? 

– Are you a good Negotiator?

– Do you know exactly what you want, need, and to what extreme you’ll negotiate before you’ll walk away from a deal? 

– Do you clearly know the true value your home in its current market? 

– Do you know how to create buyer desire for your home?

– Are you able to price it appropriately so that it sells in a timely manner? (not to scare away buyers) 

– If it doesn’t sell quickly do you know what price change would be appropriate?

– Are you able to disconnect yourself emotionally to deal with other’s opinions of your home and its pricing?

– Every home sale is different. How much experience or confidence do you have? 

– Do you have the time to manage all aspects of selling your home?

Florida Realtors are bound to a higher level of ethics. Listing your home with a Realtor is like hiring you to do the job, but not having to learn all the ins-and-outs of the business first or building all the resources that brokers and companies have to market and sell your home.

Yes, a Realtor comes with a commission, however, your time, emotions and energy can be spent on other important things once you choose to have a Realtor to handle the sale of your home. 

Do you and the Realtor see eye-to-eye?

Wade Carter is an expert at creating buyer desire and has a dedicated personal touch, as well as, a fine-tuned approach to identifying exactly what you are expecting out the home selling process. Once identified, he focuses all his time and energy on goal objectives that will meet and exceed all your expectations.  

Wade Carter – Securing Your Real Estate Vision 

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